Hazardous Waste Clean Up

DRI-ER offers an emergency response service for trauma scene cleaning - clean-up after a burglary, serious accident, sudden death, and drug-use.

DRI-ER’s hazardous waste clean up services include chemical and oil spills, and cleaning up after traumas such as accidents and sudden deaths.

In trauma scene cleaning, we are careful to balance the demands of the task, with respect for the requirements of those affected by the trauma.

We have managed many types of trauma scene cleaning, including:

  • Cleaning up accommodation previously occupied by drug-takers – which involved handling bio-hazardous materials and sharps.
  • Clearing up the mess and damage resulting from burglaries in homes, shops and offices.
  • Clearing and cleaning after squatters have been in residence.
  • Cleaning a house after a serious accident involving a kitchen knife.
  • Cleaning after suicides and sudden deaths.
  • Cannabis decontamination in a house being used to grow the plants.
  • Cleaning after hydraulic fluid leaked from machinery.

We offer a 24-hour response for hazardous waste clean-up.

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