Flood Restoration and Clean-Up

DRI Emergency Response delivers 24-hour, rapid response flood restoration and clean-up, and drying services, through a UK network of approved, fully insured technicians.

Flood damage to your workplace or home is devastating and dangerous. Often mixed with raw sewage, flood water can carry harmful bacteria that soak into the fabric of the building and its contents.

Even if your flood has been caused by burst pipes or a burst tank, it can still cause extensive damage.

Specialised treatment is essential to remove water and remove sludge, and to dry and dehumidify the home or workplace. Building drying is a demanding task requiring considerable technical experience. Thorough testing tells us exaclty what we’re dealing with in terms of bacteria, mould and the extent of damp penetration.

Armed with this information our technicians can then deal with every aspect of the flood restoration in the most efficient and effective way. This includes:

  • Careful removal of floodwater and sludge
  • Thorough and careful cleaning
  • Installing special drying and dehumidifying equipment
  • Repeat testing to ensure the quality of our flood remediation.

Rapid response in dealing with a flood is essential to prevent the secondary effects of flooding, such as mould and decay. Mould is not just unpleasant, it can be dangerous. Black mould, for example, can produce toxins, and affect health, particularly of those with respiratory problems.

We also remove every affected item of furniture, ornaments and pictures, fabrics and personal belongings, stock, paperwork and computers, etc. If anything can be salvaged or restored, this is carried out to our exacting standards and stored carefully until it’s possible to replace them.

Our flood remediation services are supported by our experienced teams of builders, fitters, plumbers and electricians.

We are also highly experienced in dealing with insurance companies, loss assessors, and insurance claim work.

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