Fire and Flood Restoration

image of sewage left after a flood at a business, and smoke and fire damage in a domestic property, to illustrate the flood and fire restoration services of DRI Emergency Response

DRI-ER delivers efficient, high-quality fire and flood restoration services, and building drying services to domestic, commercial and public-sector properties affected by fire and flood.

We have a highly-experienced fire and flood restoration team ready to clear up, sanitise and repair after your flood or fire. Our fire and flood clear-up team is backed by a range of building and associated services — everything required to put things right.

We are supported by more than 20 years’ experience in the clean-up and repair of the damage caused by flood water, and cleaning up fire and smoke damage.

Many of the fire and flood incidents we deal with affect people and business as well as property. It can be devastating to lose personal property and belongings, crucial work information, and the comfort of your familiar living or working environment. That’s why a considerate and personal approach to every flood and fire project we manage is an essential part of the way we work.

Our experience in clearing up after property fires, and property flooding extends to just about every sector, including houses and apartments, offices, factories, retail premises, public and historic buildings, hotels, warehouses and industry.

No two projects are the same, and each presents its own challenges. We offer a nationwide fire and flood clean-up service through an approved network of locally-based, experienced providers. We offer a fast response and a high-quality service wherever you are in mainland UK.

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