Smoke and Fire Restoration

Cleaning up after a hotel fire, illustrating the range of fire restoration services offered by DRI Emergency Response

DRI-ER is backed by the experience and skills necessary to deliver fast and effective smoke and fire restoration services across the UK.

Clearing up after a fire requires skill and patience. Fire destroys, but smoke damage, while insidious, can often be dealt with through intense cleaning and deodorising.

Cleaning soot and fire residue is a specialised task demanding patience, thoroughness, and a great deal of skill. Incorrect smoke cleaning and fire cleaning techniques can actually make the damage worse.

Fire and flood damage often come hand-in-hand, mainly due to the water used to extinguish the fire. It’s important to act quickly to prevent secondary damage such as mould from taking hold.

We combine the latest drying and deodorising equipment with expert smoke and fire restoration knowledge and intensive labour, to restore as much of the content of the damaged premises as possible. This is often done by completely removing all contents to either a pre-prepared clean area of the premises, or our own specialised cleaning facility.

Drying, repairing and restoring the premises can involve a wide range of skills, from simply cleaning up the building after the fire – then drying and deodorising, to the use of key trades such as building, electrical, plumbing, fitting and decorating. We have the resources to satisfy every demand, no matter how extensive the fire damage.

You’ll find us considerate to your needs, cost-effective and highly experienced.

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