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DRI Emergency Response’s 24-hour Sheffield based depot provides rapid response flood restoration and drying services, fire damage clean up and large commercial and public venue carpet cleaning services. Want to know more about our flood or fire restoration services?
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Flood Restoration Services

Flood damage to your workplace or home is devastating and dangerous. Often mixed with raw sewage, flood water can carry harmful bacteria that soaks into the building and its contents. Even if your flood has been caused by burst pipes or a burst tank, it can still cause extensive damage.

Specialised flood restoration treatment is essential to remove water and sludge, and to dry and dehumidify the home or workplace. Building drying is part of the flood restoration process and is a demanding task requiring considerable technical experience.  Our Sheffield flood damage restoration team can tell you exactly what you’re dealing with in terms of bacteria, mould and the extent of damp penetration. Our flood restoration technicians can deal with every aspect of the flood restoration in the most efficient and effective way.

Rapid response in dealing with flood restoration is essential to prevent secondary effects of flooding, such as mould and decay. Mould is not just unpleasant, it can be dangerous. Black mould, for example, can produce toxins, and affect health, particularly of those with respiratory problems.

Flood damage salvage and restoration

We remove every affected item during the flood restoration including furniture, ornaments, pictures, fabrics, personal belongings, stock and computers, etc. If anything can be salvaged or restored, this is carried out to our exacting standards and stored carefully until it’s possible to return them.

Carpets soaked from flooding will need cleaning and in addition to the flood damage and restoration work.  Our Sheffield team will provide professional advice and services so that your premises can be returned to normal, minimising interruption and possible loss of business.

Cleaning up after a hotel fire, illustrating the range of fire restoration services offered by DRI Emergency Response

Fire Restoration Services

Fire damage clean up requires skill and patience and smoke damage, while insidious, can often be dealt with through intense cleaning and deodorising. Cleaning soot and fire residue is a specialised task demanding patience, thoroughness, and a great deal of skill. Incorrect smoke cleaning and fire damage restoration cleaning techniques can actually make the damage worse.

Fire and flood damage often come hand-in-hand, mainly due to the water used to extinguish the fire. It’s important to act quickly to prevent secondary damage such as mould from taking hold.

Our Sheffield fire damage restoration team combine the latest drying and deodorising equipment with expert smoke and fire damage restoration knowledge. They will provide intensive labour to restore as much of the content of the damaged premises as possible. We can completely remove all contents to either a pre-prepared clean area of the premises, or our own specialised fire damage cleaning facility.

Fire damage salvage and restoration

Drying, repairing and restoring the premises can involve a wide range of skills.  Skills range from simply cleaning up the building after the fire – then drying and deodorising, to the use of key trades such as building, electrical, plumbing, fitting and decorating. We have the resources to satisfy every demand, no matter how extensive the fire damage restoration that you require.  Your carpets may need cleaning, and our commercial and public carpet cleaning team can provide a dedicated carpet cleaning service to your requirements.

We provide a rapid response in dealing with your smoke and fire damage clean up requirements.  Our team are considerate to your needs, cost-effective and are highly experienced in fire damage restoration.

We also remove every affected item of furniture, ornaments and pictures, fabrics and personal belongings, stock, paperwork and computers, etc. Items are salvaged and restored to our exacting standards and stored carefully until they are returned the premises.

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